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Dec 23, 2003
Earn This

I have three tattoos, one runs the length of my spine, I know what I'm getting next.  The last scene of Saving Private Ryan portrays Tom Hanks dying, as he does so he pulls Matt Damon close and says "Earn This".  for those of that don't know, Hanks was the leader of a mission to go get Damon out of World War II.  In accomplishing his mission he lost not only his own life, but the lives of several men in his sqaud.  He is telling Damon to earn all that has been give up for him.  This is the central theme of my next tat.  It will be a cross surrounded by a crown of thorns with "Earn This" inscribed around it.  This will be one for me, it will appear on my right forearm so that when I look at it I can read it.  So often in life my focus gets removed from where it sohuld be, on Christ and what He did for me, this tat would serve as a reminder.  Not to say that anything I can ever do in this life will be worthy of His death on the cross; no we are saved by the Grace of God and nothing more.  Rather I am trying to remind myself daily of what was given up for me; to remind myself that God humbled Himself and became human to die a painful death for me someone that daily, whether by action or by word, curses his name.  I am completely unworthy of that, thank God for Grace.  The tattoo would mean that, live life as much as possible, as lovingly as possible, show Christ to the people that need him, DO something with your life that when it's all over you can look down and say "man I sure as hell didnt earn this but I lived striving for eternity."

Posted at 12:43 am by Renraw
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Dec 21, 2003

There's really no point to this entry, im sick and dont realy fel like writing, but since i havent made an entry yet i thought i would.  read John 11:16, and put it into practifce.

Posted at 02:39 pm by Renraw
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